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Hawkins Avenue Water Main Extension

About This Project

The Hawkins Avenue waterline extension project consists of approximately 4.5 miles of 16-inch waterline in a dense residential, commercial, and industrial corridor from downtown Weatherspoon Street to Deep River Road along Hawkins Avenue/US 15-501 before connecting to the Colon Road elevated water tank. The purpose of this project is to parallel existing water mains with the larger main to increase hydraulic capacity to an industrial site and provide additional capacity for the City to serve their interconnection with the Chatham County water system.

WithersRavenel completed design surveys for a 6-mile alignment for a proposed waterline along Hawkins Avenue. Property boundaries were surveyed along the project alignment for future easement acquisitions. A 1-foot contour topographic survey for an 80-foot corridor along the project alignment using horizontal North Carolina State Plane (NCSP) coordinates, North American Datum 1983 (NAD 83) and vertical North American Vertical Datum 1988 (NAVD 88) were collected and produced.

This project involved several unique design challenges to accommodate various dynamic objectives within the City of Sanford. For example, a section of the pipeline in the middle of the alignment had an accelerated schedule as a result of an NCDOT project that was about to begin construction when the design for this project was starting. Additionally, for this section in particular, multiple existing pipelines were combined to result in a larger diameter pipe through this area based on hydraulic modeling.