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Kurz NPDES Renewal

About This Project

Kurz Transfer Products owns and operates a facility on NC Highway 150 near Lexington where they develop and manufacture decorative and functional coatings for carrier foils applied to a large variety of products such as packaging, books, textiles, bottle labels, and bank cards. In 2016 Kurz engaged WithersRavenel to help with the renewal of their NPDES permit, which was expiring in May 2019, and to assess the challenges they faced with their existing wastewater treatment system.

The facility had a recirculating sand filter system used to treat the domestic waste (the facility does not produce industrial waste); it is permitted to discharge 1,500 GPD into Reedy Creek. The recirculating sand filter system consists of a septic tank, dosing tank with pumps, sand filters, and final holding tank. During heavy rain events, stormwater from Reedy Creek enters the system through the effluent pipe, causing system upsets. The system was approaching 30 years in age and was no longer re-circulating correctly due to failing pumps and sand media.

In 2018, WithersRavenel completed a study to outline the problems with the recirculating sand filter system and offer solutions for potential growth at the facility. The study found that the plant frequently exceeded its BOD limits. The system was not operating properly and subject to upsets. Additionally, operator maintenance was difficult. In terms of solutions, the study considered the following options:

  1. Connection to public sewer
  2. A new treatment system
  3. A water reuse system
  4. A new septic system
  5. Repair and reuse of the existing system

During the NPDES permit renewal process, WithersRavenel evaluated several alternative wastewater treatment systems. The systems were evaluated against several unique criteria critical to Kurz’s situation, including ease of operation, footprint, energy use, delivery time, and the expansion abilities to meet future effluent limits.

Based on the findings, WithersRavenel recommended that Kurz replace its existing sand filter system with newer technology, including precast concrete tanks and full cellular telemetry panels.