Pullen to Bain Phase I ESA – WithersRavenel

Pullen to Bain Phase I ESA

About This Project

The City of Raleigh is seeking to construct approximately 16,500 LF of 36-inch transmission main generally between the Pullen Park Pump Station and the E.B. Bain Pump Station to reinforce the 495 and 595 pressure zones. The project will be coordinated with the 24-inch waterline improvements planned for the Bilyeu Street corridor on the west end of this project, as well as replacement or rehabilitation of the water distribution lines and sewer collection lines along the transmission main corridor.

As part of the due diligence services associated with planning and construction preparation of a future reinforcing water main, WithersRavenel completed a Limited Environmental Screen along the proposed corridor. The review consisted of a government records search reviewing the subject site and surrounding vicinity for properties that could impact the proposed improvements.

WithersRavenel conducted a brief site visit to field verify the locations of the sites identified on the EDR Corridor Report, photo document them, and verify that no sites obviously omitted in the records search have not been addressed.