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Regency Woods II

About This Project

Begun in 2015 with a vision of a six-story office building overlooking Symphony Lake in Cary, this commercial site design had to overcome several planning and construction phasing challenges to realize its full potential.

During the site planning stage, WithersRavenel’s survey and environmental departments were vital in collecting existing site data to aid in the design. The site exhibited a wide range of topographic relief, which made grading essential to using the site efficiently while protecting its natural features.

To meet the client’s requirements, WithersRavenel had to break apart the project to deliver a stand-alone parking lot at an accelerated pace for construction timing. Once that was approved, WithersRavenel proceeded with the office building site plan construction documents. After that approval was granted, a prospective tenant in the building required additional parking, so the client added a one-level parking deck to the site that needed to be added to the construction documents.

The most challenging parts of the project included the compilation of all three smaller projects—parking lot, office building, and parking deck—into a cohesive final project for construction. But the result is an attractive and functional space that meets all of the client’s and tenants’ needs.

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