Troy Pedestrian Access Improvements

About This Project

Activity in the three-square-mile Town of Troy is centered around Main Street, which extends to the Town’s northern and southern limits. There was an urgent need to extend the sidewalk along Main Street by 600 feet, but the Town did not have the funds available to undertake the project and began looking at other funding sources. Confronted with an overwhelming number of programs and requirements, the Town reached out to WithersRavenel for assistance navigating the funding process.

Because the Town had other, less urgent but equally important sidewalk projects to accomplish and was already preparing to comply with state and federal funding standards, WithersRavenel encouraged the Town seek a larger grant amount to complete them all at once. With WithersRavenel’s help, the Town was able to obtain $625,000 in grant money for two miles of sidewalks.

After recalculating the costs associated with each segment of the project, however, the Town discovered that the grant amount was just shy of the total needed to complete all of the work, and there were no Town funds available to make up the difference. Undaunted, WithersRavenel applied for and obtained an additional $95,000 to cover the remaining expenses.

Once all of the grant funding was in place, WithersRavenel helped the Town to acquire easements and design the two miles of sidewalks. The project will go out to bid later this year or at the beginning of 2016.

Geomatics, Land Development & Planning