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Woodcreek Subdivision

  • Wood Creek neighborhood Holly Springs

About This Project

Nestled between Sunset Lake Road and Middle Creek is a wooded tract on the outskirts of Holly Springs, NC. John Wieland Homes & Neighborhoods and Preston Development saw an opportunity to develop the area into a secluded community with resort-style amenities and small-town charm. WithersRavenel provided the master planning, surveying, civil engineering, environmental and infrastructure design, contract documents, and construction administration services necessary to realize the developer’s vision for three neighborhood enclaves encompassing 418 acres with approximately 565 detached and 320 attached residential units.

Prior to the purchase of the property, WithersRavenel completed Phase II environmental services, which included the discovery and assessment of petroleum contamination around a former tobacco curing barn and another barn foundation. Nearly 885 tons of petroleum-contaminated soil was remediated via excavation and off-site disposal in order to satisfy stringent regulatory and lending institution requirements for making a property safe for redevelopment. WithersRavenel submitted extensive documentation of the assessment and removal process to NCDENR, who issued a “No Further Action” letter certifying that all known contamination issues had been addressed and that the site was fit for unrestricted use. To further safeguard future residents, WithersRavenel assisted the developer with asbestos inspections, abandonment of water supply wells, and demolition permitting.

Once remediation activities were completed, WithersRavenel provided the full suite of services necessary to design and construct a residential subdivision, including surveying, zoning, wetland delineation, and infrastructure design. WithersRavenel completed a flood study of five tributaries of Swift Creek, which supported the design of five culverts crossings. A PondPack hydrology model, which simulates the potential impacts of the subdivision and future off-site developments on the watershed, was used to develop a stormwater management plan involving the design and construction of several wetlands. WithersRavenel also designed a residential collector road with a cored slab bridge to traverse wetland areas to manage disturbances.

Permitting was a key factor in the success of the development. WithersRavenel applied for and received permits from the Town of Holly Springs, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) Division of Water Quality (DWQ), the Department of Transportation (NCDOT), and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. WithersRavenel also coordinated with Progress Energy for utility line relocation and NCDOT for the future I-540 right-of-way.

Land & Site Development