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Fire Hydrant Flow

Water systems are constantly being impacted by improvements, deterioration, changes in usage, and maintenance activities, all of which may affect system pressures and flow availability. The fire protection industry also recommends periodic fire hydrant testing to ensure access, functionality and necessary flow for fire protection or future system development. Regular water system hydrant testing and maintenance are therefore a significant component of a healthy water supply program.

WithersRavenel performs fire hydrant flow tests to provide details of system pressure and available flow for the water system. Testing may also reveal a number of mechanical problems, including broken stems or nozzles, malfunctioning valves, leaks, and hydrants that fail to drain, as well as identifying grading changes and landscape materials that block hydrants. At the client’s request, WithersRavenel can use this information to create work plans for maintenance and water models for system expansion.

Our Services

  • Physical Testing
  • Static & Residual Pressure Readings
  • Analysis Report
  • Maintenance Recommendations & Work Plans

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