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Ground water is a popular source for public water supplies as it is typically a clean water source that can generally be found even where no surface water sources are available. Per North Carolina’s Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP), more than 88 million gallons of ground water per day are drawn from more than 11,000 public water supply wells across the state. As growth in suburban areas continues, often the only immediately available water is from ground water sources, which can lead to the need to develop new well systems, expand existing well systems, or redevelop existing well systems to provide more water from existing wells.

WithersRavenel helps existing and prospective well owners understand the complexities surrounding wells. Working
with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Public Water Supply Section, local Health Departments, and public and private utilities, we assist new and existing well site owners in identifying, developing, starting, maintaining, and operating their wells and well systems to provide potable water at reasonable rates to their residents.

Our Services

  • Land Tract Assessments
  • Suitability Evaluation
  • DEQ Coordination
  • Well Bore Drilling Contract Documents
  • Observe Well Draw-Down Tests
  • Well Water Sample Testing
  • Conveyance & Treatment Systems Design
  • State & Local Reviewers Coordination
  • Contract Documents Preparation
  • Bidding & Construction Management Services

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