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Infrastructure Asset Management

Empowering communities to achieve their vision through effective asset management

Infrastructure Asset Management

Empowering communities to achieve their vision through effective asset management

Feeling Overwhelmed?

We often hear that asset management planning is too complex to undertake.

Our asset management experts identified 8 challenges we typically see in the industry.

Do these challenges exist in your plan?

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You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Monitor

Infrastructure is at a crossroads

Infrastructure supports all facets of our daily lives and serves as a critical economic driver, but many of the nation’s assets are at or beyond their useful life. Communities need to figure out how to prioritize the work that needs to occur and determine how to pay for it.

Break the cycle of underfunding

Deferred maintenance may offer short-term savings, but it’s generally a greater expense in the long run. We show clients when and where infrastructure is likely to fail, and then develop a roadmap that aims to stop these failures before they happen.

Transform data into intelligence

We merge engineering and financial know-how to guide our clients through monitoring assets, predicting failures, prioritizing projects, and planning and paying for infrastructure investments.

Infrastructure Asset Management Core Services


  • Complete Asset Management Plans
  • Data Readiness and Suitability Audits
  • Asset Lifecycle Models


  • Grant Application & Administration
  • Financial Strategies & Rate Studies


  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Asset Manager Supplemental Staffing

Case Study

Asset Management Plan Update, Sanford, NC

What WithersRavenel Did

  • Completed a sewer asset management plan update
  • Created an interactive sewer model linked to the City’s ArcGIS database
  • Displayed the potential financial consequences of deferred maintenance and provides tools for prioritizing projects based on urgency and on proximity to other projects
  • Provided supporting documents should the City choose to pursue grant funding from the state or federal government

What the City of Sanford Got

  • Alignment of All Capital Projects (Roads, Sewer, Water, Stormwater, Etc.)
  • Improved Stakeholder Communication (Elected Officials & Public)
  • Long-Range View of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
  • Alignment of Land Use and Infrastructure Capacity
  • Effective Use of Available Funding
  • Defensible Case for Additional Funding
  • Align External Funding Opportunities (ARPA)
  • Achieve the Sustainable Desired Level of Service

“Our department’s mission is to provide essential services to the citizens of Sanford in the most courteous, convenient and cost-effective manner. We needed a tool that enhanced our capital improvement plan to better understand the future impact of planned rehabilitation and replacement projects. With Capital Predictor we have a powerful model of our sewer infrastructure that helps us make decisions with our citizens in mind.”

Vic Czar, Director of Public Works, City of Sanford

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