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Infrastructure Funding

Maximize Your Infrastructure Funding

Through our proven strategy you’ll receive more funding dollars for your infrastructure rehabilitation and development needs.

Since 1989, we’ve helped secure more than $889 million in publicly funded projects for communities just like yours. Through our proven strategy and unique blend of financial, GIS, and engineering subject matter experts, we are able to offer a tailored asset management solution. We also build well with others. So, whether you have an in-house engineer or a local partner, we’ll seamlessly integrate into your team—ensuring that together, we not only maximize services, but also results.

Our other asset management services include:

  • Complete Asset Management Plans
  • Data Readiness and Suitability Audits
  • Asset Lifecycle Models
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Asset Manager Supplemental Staffing

Our Proven Strategy

Here at WithersRavenel, we don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach to strategy. That’s why more than 90% of our clients receive at least one form of funding.

Instead, we take the time to learn about your community and its needs to determine what makes sense. From there, we start from where you need to start—and that can be at the beginning or someplace along the way. No matter what, our goal is to shape an experience that leads to your funding success.

  • Acquire Funding: From grant and loan applications to rate studies and council presentations, we provide the right services and tools for you to secure funding.
  • Identify Projects and Align Funding: We’ll optimize the bundling of your needs into ideal projects and align them to various funding sources, freeing up money so more projects can be completed.
  • Financial Modeling: Through financial analysis and rate studies, we help clarify expense and revenue streams so that your community can plan for both short- and long-term financial responsibilities.

Case Study

Community Town of Selma, NC
Focus Area Wastewater Collection System
Challenge When Hurricane Florence hit Selma, it exacerbated their existing infiltration and inflow problem, causing wastewater treatment costs to skyrocket. For Selma, the extensive rehabilitation project was critical, but unaffordable.

See Our Strategies at Work in Other Communities

Ask the Expert: Securing Funding for Local Governments

Director of Funding Amanda Whitaker and our other funding experts are passionate about securing money for our clients, leading to improved and longer lasting infrastructure.

In this 30-minute discussion, learn from Amanda as she offers funding strategies that will fuel asset management programs.