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Dynamic Duos: Daryl Riggins & Yates Austin

Dynamic Duos: Daryl Riggins & Yates Austin

When it comes to Our People, Your Success, we believe that it takes two! This week, we’re highlighting pairs of employees whose strong teamwork has been pivotal for our projects, initiatives, and workflows. Today’s Dynamic Duo is Daryl Riggins & Yates Austin.

Daryl is our Director of Facilities. He brings more than a decade of experience in civil engineering, project management, and client relationship-building, but his current passions are modeling and applying emerging technologies to add value to his client’s projects. Yates is a Senior Designer. Like Daryl, his work is focused on advanced visualization, parametric modeling, and sustainable design practices.

What types of projects have you teamed up on (or will team up on) this year?

We met through a WRWorks initiative that was exploring the use of Augmented Reality for use in planning, design, and construction support. The Advanced Visualization Group (that’s us) grew out of that initiative. As of today we’ve completed a number of advanced visualization projects to support our Land Development projects as well as spec model animations to include in proposals to market this service to potential clients.

What do you enjoy most about working with your partner? What strengths do they bring to your projects?

Daryl: Yates is a natural-born modeler who uses his extensive experience with CAD and 3D modeling software to deliver exactly what’s need to tell the client’s story. He asks good questions in order to drill-down to the right level of model complexity for the situation. Yates regularly makes complicated modeling work look easy.

Yates: Daryl is a real pleasure because everything just feels easy. It helps that we’re both passionate about the work we’re doing, and our team is focused on collaboration. Daryl brings a level of experience on different types of projects that is a real asset to what we do, but his real skillset is his natural talent for organization and communication. These skills are on display every time we team up to deliver on a new advanced visualization project.

How do you, WithersRavenel, and/or your clients benefit from this teamwork?

There are so many project stakeholders that come from a non-engineering background. There are even some with a depth of experience at reading construction documents that have a hard time visualizing the finished product. That’s what we do. We simplify the complex and allow everyone involved to see what our project managers and designers envision for any type of project that WithersRavenel gets involved in.

What is one fun thing (outside of work) that you both enjoy?

We’re both dads that enjoy playing all sorts of games with our kids, and we both love to cook and try new things in the kitchen. It’s a rare meeting where one of isn’t sharing some new recipe that we’ve made for our families or excited about trying out.