Earth Day turns 50 amid a planet with less activity – WithersRavenel

Earth Day turns 50 amid a planet with less activity

Earth Day turns 50 amid a planet with less activity

While the world marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, the planet’s health has taken an at-least temporary turn for the better.

As North Carolina, our nation and large swaths of the world practice social distancing, fewer vehicle miles are being traveled and many industries are shut down. Early environmental measurements indicate short-term benefits to the planet, particularly in terms of air quality. Anecdotally, reports from across the state and around the world also show animals making appearances in places that have been emptied of usual crowds of people.

Unfortunately, many Earth Day events, which bring the public together, have been canceled in North Carolina. Numerous cleanups, gatherings at parks and trails, talks at museums and other activities would have marked this annual day recognizing environmental advocacy and the need to protect our planet. To mark the day, WithersRavenel hosted an Earth Day challenge by encouraging employees and their families to clean up their street or plant a garden.

WithersRavenel is proud of our track record of helping communities and developers make the most out of precious urban, suburban and rural spaces while honoring the environment. Sustainability is one of our core values, and we live it every day, whether working on low-impact development, green building or environmental assessments. To learn more about the environmental services we offer, click here. We hope all of you are staying safe. Have a Happy Earth Day!