Lee County park improvements take center stage – WithersRavenel

Lee County park improvements take center stage

Lee County park improvements take center stage

As Sanford and Lee County continue to attract new businesses and residents, local officials have made a concerted effort to upgrade their parks system.

WithersRavenel has been working with the County on master planning and enhancements for four parks located in different areas of the City of Sanford, with recent milestones showcasing some of the big improvements. October marked the grand reopening of Kiwanis Park, while last week Lee County unveiled its new Horton Park design.

At Kiwanis Park, the changes include a fully redesigned children’s playground and play area. With a large selection of swings, slides, and climbing opportunities combined with open space, the design offers fun choices for kids of all ages and abilities.

Kiwanis Park also has four new pickleball courts. Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, and appeals to all ages of players. The paddle sport played between two teams of two is easy to learn, and allows for socializing during game play. The small court size is also more forgiving for people who have less mobility than they used to have. One of the new courts at Kiwanis Park can be used for tennis or pickleball. Click here to view a video on some of the scoring rules.

At Horton Park, the redesign also includes an extensive children’s playground and play area. New sidewalks link the play space to a basketball court, and renovated restrooms and a plaza.

WithersRavenel worked extensively with the County on master plans for its parks. From initial research on existing conditions to public involvement, we were able to determine what the parks needed, and what the public wanted. Ultimately, the project team developed concept alternatives for each park, and the team utilized the outreach process to refine these into a final design plan that represented the shared community vision of the parks.

The project team also provided overall design, conceptual cost estimates and phasing recommendations for the parks. WithersRavenel also provided permitting, bidding and construction document and administration assistance during the building process.

WithersRavenel is proud of our partnership with Lee County to provide greater parks and recreation opportunities for its residents. Are you interested in putting WithersRavenel to work for you? Reach out to Parks and Recreation Director Brian Starkey at (919) 238-0385 or bstarkey@withersravenel.com.