October is Employee Ownership Month! – WithersRavenel

October is Employee Ownership Month!

October is Employee Ownership Month!

The ESOP Association has set aside the month of October to recognize the benefits of employee ownership for employees, companies, communities, and the country.

Throughout the month, the WithersRavenel ESOP Communications Committee (ECC) will be hosting a variety of events to promote and celebrate the value of employee-ownership at our firm.

Events will range from one-hour activities to month-long challenges. Here’s a look at what’s in store:

  • Geo Hunt – A scavenger hunt for our Geomatics field crews to share some of the wild and wacky things they find on job sites
  • Voluntober – Remote volunteering opportunities employees can do from home, on their own or with their families
  • Lunch Games – Livening up the lunch hour with online group games
  • ESOP Virtual Roadshow – A presentation about what the ESOP is, how it works, and how to get the most out of this retirement benefit
  • ECC Trivia – Time to throw down and find out who knows the most about our ESOP and fellow employee-owners
  • Carve It – Letting inner artists shine in a contest for the best carved (or painted) pumpkin
  • Spookify Your Space – Bringing the spooky spirit to desks, offices, porches, and yards in a Halloween decorating contest

These events will fulfill the ECC’s three main objectives:

  1. Providing ESOP Education
  2. Spearheading community outreach and volunteer programming
  3. Promoting WithersRavenel culture

Individuals will compete for WithersRavenel gear, gift cards, and the glory of their Core Value teams. Our staff members are putting on their game faces, firing up their owner attitudes, and enjoying a month full of ESOP excitement.

For more about the benefits of ownership or to explore opportunities to become an employee-owner with us, check out our Careers portal.

Happy Ownership Month!