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When will communities receive IIJA funds?

When will communities receive IIJA funds?

On November 15, 2021, President Biden signed into law the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). This $1.2 trillion funding measure would allow state and local government to invest in critical infrastructure projects. But this money has not yet made its way to our communities—here’s why not, and when you can expect to start seeing IIJA dollars.

In December, Congress was unable to pass a FY 2022 Appropriations bill. In lieu of shutting down completely, they passed a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government at FY2021 spending levels through February 18, 2021.

As a result, the additional infrastructure funding approved by Congress and authorized by President Biden is not being sent to the states. Congress must pass appropriations measures for Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) before IIJA funds will be released.

Congress has until February 18 to pass a THUD appropriations bill. If they are unable to do so, they may choose to issue another Continuing Resolution to prevent a government shutdown. This Continuing Resolution would likely also be at FY2021 levels.

In the meantime, North Carolina is only able to use the $378 million appropriated under the FY2021 budget—a far cry from the $1.38 billion the state expects to receive from the IIJA.

Organizations like the American Council of Engineering Companies North Carolina Chapter are encouraging individuals to contact their Congressional representatives and urge them to pass a THUD Appropriations bill that reflects the funding levels authorized by the IIJA.

Our funding specialists are monitoring the actions of Congress closely and will continue to share updates as more information becomes available.

The IIJA will provide funding for replacing roads, rails, and bridges; ensuring access to clean drinking water; and expanding the reach of high-speed internet. Our funding specialists can review your Capital Improvement Plan and infrastructure goals and determine whether your projects are aligned with funding program criteria. To schedule a meeting with a funding specialist, contact Amanda Whitaker at awhitaker@withersravenel.com.