WithersRavenel celebrates International Women in Engineering Day 2020 – WithersRavenel

WithersRavenel celebrates International Women in Engineering Day 2020

WithersRavenel celebrates International Women in Engineering Day 2020

The theme for International Women in Engineering Day 2020 is Shape the World. We at WithersRavenel could not agree more. Our female engineers are changing the world every day, starting right here in North Carolina. Together with our female planners, scientists, technicians, and support staff, they demonstrate the value of having diverse voices in every field to create safe, attractive, and sustainable communities for all.

Women at WithersRavenel are engaged in every aspect of our business. You can find them in all of our technical disciplines as well as our corporate departments. They touch every kind of project, where their roles range from project managers and technical experts at the top all the way down to the CAD technicians and design support that make up the backbone of any project. They hail from each of our seven offices, and they are equally at home in the field and behind a desk.

In addition to hiring women at all levels of the company, WithersRavenel takes an active role in introducing young women and girls to engineering, encouraging them to consider it as a career choice.

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2020, we are spending time this week sharing stories of mentorship in engineering. In particular, we will be highlighting how being mentored and becoming a mentor have influenced several of our female staff.

There is no doubt the women at WithersRavenel are improving the way we live, work, and play through the power of engineering. To all women in engineering, we’d like to take this opportunity to say that we see and appreciate the way you #ShapeTheWorld, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

About International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is an international awareness campaign which raises the profile of women in engineering and focuses attention on the amazing career opportunities available to girls in this challenging and rewarding industry.

National Women in Engineering Day was launched in the United Kingdom on June 23, 2014; the event went international in 2017 due to the overwhelming enthusiasm from non-UK audiences. This is the seventh year of celebration for the outstanding achievements of women engineers throughout the world.

About the Women’s Engineering Society

The Women’s Engineering Society is a charity created by women who had worked in technical jobs during World War I and wanted to continue with this work after the war ended. Legislation prevented these women from keeping their engineering jobs, and cultural norms discouraged employers from hiring women for other technical roles. The pioneering and influential women of the time set up the Women’s Engineering Society, and have been working since that time to ensure equality for women in this non-traditional sector.