WithersRavenel Pavement Management Director Steve Lander in APWA

WithersRavenel’s Steve Lander to be a director in APWA-NC’s Executive Board for 2022

WithersRavenel’s Steve Lander to be a director in APWA-NC’s Executive Board for 2022

The American Public Works Association (APWA) North Carolina has provided enriching experiences to Steve Lander, PE, WithersRavenel’s Director of Pavement Management.

For his part, Steve has committed himself to the organization’s mission of engaging the public works community and citizens through advocacy, education and support. As part of that ongoing involvement, Steve will be a director of the Executive Board of APWA-NC in 2022.

According to Steve, “We are all public servants.”  Whether you are on the private side or the public side, he says that “being a part of APWA helps people get involved with the betterment of our society while developing lifelong friendships devoted to this primary purpose.  One’s career will take on new meaning which is directly related to your level of involvement.”

His new role, however, will not be his first leadership position with APWA-NC. He has previously served on the Streets Division Board and was the Streets Board President in 2012. He later served on the Executive board in 2015-16 and held the chairperson position for the Sustainability Committee.

“When I came to APWA in 2007, I had recently switched from the contracting side to the engineering side, and got acquainted with the organization, and enjoyed the interaction with the professionals,” he said.

Steve highly recommends that professionals in the public works realm join APWA, citing his own growth through the “business friendships” he has built over the years. Plain and simple, APWA is a family organization that gets things done and has fun!  “My involvement in APWA is by far the single biggest factor which has contributed to the success and enjoyment of my career.

Please join us in congratulating Steve on his new role in APWA-NC.  Interested in learning more about how Steve can help with getting you involved with APWA-NC or pavement management services? Contact him at slander@withersravenel.com.