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Ocean Front Park

About This Project

Located in the heart of the downtown area near the iconic Kure Beach Fishing Pier, Ocean Front Park is Kure Beach’s premier public green space and offers an expansive open-air pavilion, event lawn, playground area, and restrooms. Occupying roughly 3,000 square feet, this multi-million-dollar pocket park required coordination with multiple state and local agencies and a multidisciplinary team of subconsultants in order to be successfully funded, designed, and constructed in a coastal area.

Environmental constraints posed the main challenge to the project: being mere steps away from the beach, the park needed to adhere to stringent Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA) regulations, which seek to protect and conserve North Carolina’s coastal resources. WithersRavenel performed an extensive review of the applicable CAMA rules and worked with the Town’s CAMA Officer to verify that the proposed park plan met all permitting requirements.

WithersRavenel’s landscape design made use of native coastal vegetation that thrives in a park setting, thereby providing aesthetic value and environmental benefits while reducing maintenance. Similarly, the stormwater design included an infiltration system consisting of permeable pavers and rain gardens and a stormwater cistern for irrigation. Turtle-friendly lighting keeps the park safe for both human and animal visitors. These thoughtful design choices culminate in Ocean Front Park being sustainable from both an ecological and operational perspective.

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