Throwback Thursday: top 10 photos from 2021 – WithersRavenel

Throwback Thursday: top 10 photos from 2021

Throwback Thursday: top 10 photos from 2021

At the end of December, we highlighted our readers’ favorite stories from 2021. Today, the Marketing Team is sharing our favorite photos from 2021. From our people to the places they create, these photos tell the story of how WithersRavenel loves to work hard, have fun, and give back.

Ty Colwell

Senior Director, Business Development & Marketing

Earl (center) and Larry (right) were two of the finest men you will ever meet. Always had a smile on their face and always pleasant to work with. An inspiration to us all. Chan (left), Butch Lawter and Matt James did a great job of making them part of the WR Team.

Lena Richards

Director of Marketing

I chose this photo as my 2021 top pick because this represents the completion of a 5-year-long project at North Fork Reservoir outside of Asheville. Our team worked alongside the City of Asheville and Schnabel Engineering to help communicate extremely important changes affecting the area that protects Asheville’s pristine water source. It was a lengthy but valuable experience, and I will always remember this amazing moment of standing in front of the reservoir of this now-completed project with team members Casey Swaney, our client Leslie Carreiro, and Jessica Martin-Lane.

Toni Martin

Marketing Manager

The photo of our caring staff exemplifies the WR Way―putting others before ourselves, leading by example, being considerate of others, and being all in, all the time! Our team stopped what they were doing to help others in need, and that’s exactly what WR is all about!

Bri Labbate

Marketing Associate

My favorite pic of 2021 was during the John Chavis Memorial Park Interpretive Public Art grand opening in December. I really enjoyed talking to the folks who have lived in Raleigh their entire lives and seeing the community come together to celebrate their local history.

Mike Dale

Marketing Coordinator

This is my top pic as I like the diversity of the subject in the photo, the quality of the image, and the colors that pop.

Natalie Warner

Marketing Coordinator

I picked this photo because visiting the Cherryville Landfill was a cool learning experience for me. I watched a WR geologist take samples drilled from deep within the Earth and use them to determine where the landfill could be expanded to.

Kari Rands

Senior Marketing Associate

I chose this photo because it shows our employees having fun while volunteering at a local park. It’s important for us as a company to give back to our communities, and volunteering events during our Ownership Month is one of the best ways we can celebrate our success as a company.

Caitlyn Myers

Marketing Manager

As someone who loves to walk around downtown Cary, I can’t wait to see the next phase of Downtown Park come to life! These shovels not only represent the future of my town, but also a commitment to public art and artists that has made Cary my favorite place to live.

Casey Swaney

Marketing Associate

Connecting our work with people in communities is what makes being part of the WithersRavenel team so rewarding.

Mohsin Syed

Marketing Associate

I like this photo because of the setting – construction site, dirt road, and Ryan in his typical work attire. It reminds me of the Marlboro ads (if any of you grew up when cigarette ads in print were quite common 😊) It’s almost got that energy going. Except Ryan is with his drone and not a horse.