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Dynamic Duos: Lindsey Woolridge & Samantha Wooten

Dynamic Duos: Lindsey Woolridge & Samantha Wooten

When it comes to Our People, Your Success, we believe that it takes two! This week, we’re highlighting pairs of employees whose strong teamwork has been pivotal for your projects, initiatives, and workflows. Today’s Dynamic Duo is Lindsey Woolridge & Samantha Wooten.

Lindsey is a Due Diligence Manager in our Environmental Department. Her focus is on performing environmental site assessments (ESA), while also supervising the monitoring of well installations, soil and groundwater sampling, and wetland/stream delineation. Samantha recently joined our environmental team as a staff professional and undertakes a variety of tasks that are part of ESA projects.

What types of projects have you teamed up on (or will team up on) this year?

Lindsey: We work on Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Reports all across the state – at sites ranging from 800-acre timber tracts to 1-acre industrial manufacturing sites. Last year we got to do a report on a remote island near Beaufort which was a new experience for all of us!

Samantha:  Lindsey and I have worked on many Phase I projects since I first started at WithersRavenel. We’ve worked on projects that range from abandoned department stores to 200 acres of wooded land. We have many future projects ahead of us, and I’m looking forward to working with Lindsey on them!

What do you enjoy most about working with your partner? What strengths do they bring to your projects?

Lindsey: Her positive attitude and willingness to do (almost) anything I ask of her! I loved how well she fit in with our group and instantly became part of the team.

Samantha: I enjoy working with Lindsey because she brings great experience and knowledge to the table during our projects. She’s a thorough and hard worker. Her ability to be patient with me and hold me accountable is what I appreciate the most. I’ve always felt like I could come to Lindsey with any questions or concerns, and I would always be heard. She’s set great expectations for me and always pushes me to do better.

How do you, WithersRavenel, and/or your clients benefit from this teamwork?

Lindsey: For me, it is having a teammate I can rely on to do quality work in a timely manner. This allows us to complete reports more efficiently and get them to our clients quicker, without sacrificing accuracy. Sam adds a lot to our team by always finding ways to make our processes better as someone new to the group who has a fresh perspective!

Samantha: I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and boss. I benefit from her experience and knowledge of the environmental field, and so does WithersRavenel. She’s always willing to help others whenever they need it, and that goes for me, coworkers, and clients. This sets great expectations in and out of the office for me. I’ve learned so much from Lindsey and have loved working with her.

What is one fun thing (outside of work) that you both enjoy?

Lindsey: Volleyball! We both played on the WithersRavenel volleyball team last year – we also both like camping, music/concerts, and finding the best food wherever our Phase I site visits take us across the state.

Samantha: We both have a love for plants, reading, and music. We also enjoy being outside and playing sports together.