Jamestown ADA Transition Plan – WithersRavenel

Jamestown ADA Transition Plan

  • A curb ramp near a gas station in Jamestown during the ADA Transition self-assessment process

About This Project

WithersRavenel conducted internal and external facility reviews to assist the Town of Jamestown with the creation of a comprehensive ADA Transition Plan. This included a review of the Town’s policies, consulting with the Town to identify an ADA Coordinator and an ADA Administrator, solicitation of public input, an assessment of multiple vertical and pedestrian facilities throughout the Town, a review of the Town’s programs and a review of the Town’s website.

Vertical facilities assessed included Town Hall, Public Works Building, Police Department, and recreation sites, among others in accordance with ADAAG methodology. Non-compliant features found during the assessment were noted in ADAAG checklists. Pedestrian facilities across the Town were assessed according to PROWAG methodology and photographed.

WithersRavenel used a customized ESRI Collector application to spatially locate and document non-compliant features. The final report includes a comprehensive overview of the Jamestown ADA program and a five-year plan to address non-compliant features with programs as well as vertical and horizontal facilities. The study process began in October 2021 and was completed in February 2022.

ADA, Transportation