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2020 Gratitude Campaign: Attitude of Gratitude

2020 Gratitude Campaign: Attitude of Gratitude

Yesterday we shared the top 5 things our staff are grateful for this holiday season. Today we’re asking: “How do you cultivate or maintain an attitude of gratitude?” Here’s what our employee-owners had to say.

Find Perspective

“Noticing trials/tribulations that others are having to cope with. Makes me realize my issues are not so bad.” – Ted Kallam, Director of Transportation

“I try to be empathetic towards others [and] understanding of their issues. No matter how tough life can be—it can always be worse.” – Shannon McKay, Administrative Assistant

“By remembering what the ‘worst case scenario is’…if we’re not there, [then] even if we aren’t in the ‘best case scenario,’ be thankful!” – Susan Morris, Land Development Project Coordinator

“I re-purpose events in my life that didn’t go according to plan by asking myself, ‘What about this am I grateful for?’ “ – Bryce Gardner, GIS Technician

“I believe that no matter how bad things may seem, there is always something to be grateful for each day.”  – John Scott, Land Development Designer

Count Your Blessings

“I try to focus on the blessings (big and small) of each day.” – Frances Gallagher, Client Success Manager

“Counting my blessings at least a few times a week; no matter how trivial or small.” – Laura Elliott, Project Geologist

“I stop and take time to see the things we have. I focus on them instead of focusing on things we don’t have.” – Lisa Jamison, Land Development Designer

“My aunt mailed each of us an activity that reminds us to be thankful everyday by writing down what we are thankful for on a wall decoration.” – Casey Dolan, Utilities Staff Professional

“Say it out loud, name every good thing in your life especially when it seems like a challenge.” – Melissa Cardinali, Funding & Asset Management Senior Project Manager

Create a Positive Environment

“I try to treat whoever is in front of me like they are the most important person I deal with.” – Bob Chandler, Business Development Representative

“Love everyone, regardless of their mistakes.” – Courtney Landoll, Client Success Manger

“Try to project a positive attitude.” – Doug Petry, Transportation Designer

“Helping create a positive culture for those around me.” – Daniel Whatley, Land Development Project Manager

“Surrounding yourself with other grateful people.” – Justin Richardson, GIS Technician

Do What Brings You Joy

“Thinking of the people I care about.” – Chuck Boecker, Director of Land Development – Greensboro

“Take time to enjoy my passions in the limited way I can during quarantine.” – Brandon Miller, Stormwater Project Engineer

“I read something positive every day and stay away from the news.” – Steve Lander, Director of Pavement Management

“Get outside on nice days, keeping distance from people does not prevent us from hugging trees, walking in the woods, or seeing the stars.” – Thomas Poe, Utilities Senior Technical Consultant

Thank Others

“I try to do the best job I can to show how much I appreciate this job.” – Leonard McBryde, Utilities Senior Project Manager

“Always express gratitude to others.” – Charles Brown, Business Development Representative

“Be thankful in everything you do. It is difficult to be truly grateful without being humble.” – Loftee Smith, Land Development Senior Technical Consultant

Pay It Forward

“By giving back to my community through coaching sports and teaching in local associations.” – Mark Smith, GIS Project Manager

“Show my gratitude by sharing my good fortunes with others.” – Freddie Harrill, Business Development Representative

“By giving back: donations and work for charitable causes, the red cross, Make-A-Wish, and other acts of service.” – Keith Pugh, Client Success Manager

“Prayer and volunteering/giving.” – Jim Clark, Land Development Project Manager

“Taking any opportunity, big or small, to pay it forward.” – Tesla Hausman, GIS Technician

Our circumstances may be beyond our control, but our attitude is always a choice, and gratitude is a habit anyone can cultivate. How are you nurturing an attitude of gratitude this holiday season?